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A BlackWater Community.
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This is a community wholly focused on the relationship between Jacob Black and Leah Clearwater.

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This community is a place for those who love Jacob Black, Leah Clearwater, and especially both of them when paired together. It predates the swell of fans that followed "pack number two" in Breaking Dawn; there was a time when this was an uncommon and non-canon ship, and even then it was epically awesome.

What we want to see.

We accept posts regarding Jacob Black (in general), Leah Clearwater (in general), or the relationship between the two -- platonic or romantic. This includes fiction, art, icons, graphics, discussion, mixes, and other such things. This is not the place to discuss other ships in the Twilight universe. However, feel free to promote other shipping communities, so long as they do not pair Jacob or Leah with someone else.

Please use lj-cuts with large posts; you should be able to determine just what that means. False cuts to personal or fanwork journals are perfectly fine. Also include the rating and word count when sharing fiction. And as always -- please respect fellow community members, we will not tolerate bashing or rudeness, thanks!!

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